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Dr Mariel Viray
Dr Lauren Hyde
Dr Emily Bunn
Dr Mariel Viray
Dr Lauren Hyde
Dr Emily Bunn
Dr Hannah Rodda
Dr Michael Ma
Dr Cameron Kealy
Dr Hannah Rodda
Dr Michael Ma
Dr Cameron Kealy
Michael Cauce

Dr Mariel Viray, Registered Osteopath

B.Sc. (Osteopathy) / M.H.Sc. (Osteopathy), Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Dr Mariel Viray is an AHPRA registered osteopath, having graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy).

Having spent a few years as a personal trainer, Mariel discovered her passion for assisting individuals in reaching their fitness goals but more importantly, their overall health and wellbeing. Mariel sought to build upon the skills she had gained as a personal trainer and soon realised that the principles of Osteopathy resonated with her. This led to her pursuing a career within Osteopathy, with the hopes of using this newfound knowledge to support and empower those to be the best version of themselves and achieve optimal health and function.

Through her osteopathic education, Mariel understands that health is multifaceted. She believes that it is important to look at all aspects within an individual’s life before reaching a determination to ensure that each individual has a management plan tailored to their specific health journey. She considers this in conjunction with patient education, ergonomic and lifestyle modifications, encouraging movement and utilising a wide range of osteopathic hands-on techniques.

Outside of Recharge, you will likely find Mariel rewatching all her favourite Disney or Marvel movies, keeping active at her local CrossFit box or assisting the Port Melbourne VFL as an experienced sports trainer.

Dr Lauren Hyde, Registered Osteopath

BSc.(Osteopathy), MHSc (Osteopathy)


Dr Lauren Hyde is a registered osteopath who loves to help her patients better connect with the wisdom and strength of their own body. She enjoys treating a range of conditions such as, tension type headaches, plantar fasciitis and bursitis.

After completing her master’s degree at Victoria University, she has undertaken various post-graduate studies with some of Australia’s leading osteopaths. Alongside this she is an avid rock-climber and has been working within Melbourne’s climbing scene for the past couple years.

Lauren believes that health is multidimensional and implements a holistic and individualised approach within her practice. She aims for each patient to leave their appointment feeling empowered with the understanding of what is going on, why it is, and how to manage it.

Dr Emily Bunn, Osteopath and Remedial Massage Therapist

BSc. (Clinical), MHSc (Osteopathy), Cert IV in Massage, Sports Trainer Level 1

Dr Emily Bunn is an experienced Osteopath and remedial massage therapist.

A graduate of the prestigious osteopathic course at Victoria University, she was selected to represent Osteopathy in overseas clinical placement programs in India & Italy as one of the 6 highest achieving students in the course. This began her career with insight into Osteopathy as a worldwide profession and its various cultural adaptations, which she utilises in practice to this day.

Dr Bunn has experience in sport training, massage therapy and rehabilitation, having worked with elite level athletes from multiple leading VFL and AFL clubs for over 10 years.

As an Osteopath and massage therapist, she combines both hands-on professions to provide a unique experience in order to gain the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Dr Hannah Rodda, Registered Osteopath

Bachelor's Degree in Health Science and Applied Science

Dr Hannah Rodda is a passionate and lively Osteopath that enjoys treating a range of chronic and acute conditions including bursitis, migraine, plantar fasciitis and vertigo. She loves assisting her patients towards achieving a pain free, active and healthy lifestyle. 

Hannah graduated from RMIT University with a double Bachelor’s degree in Health science & Applied Science (Osteopathy). To continue her love for learning in the Osteopathic field, she has undertaken further post graduate studies in Biodynamic and Cranial Osteopathy. 

Hannah strongly believes health is multifaceted. She strives to empower her patients to be actively involved in their own recovery. She does this by educating and supporting them to be able to achieve their individualised health goals while developing strong patient-practitioner relationships. She has a strong focus on tailoring her patient’s treatment plans based on their specific needs by utilising a wide range of osteopathic techniques. 

Outside of the clinic, Hannah loves keeping active through playing netball and participating in reformer Pilates classes. She also has a passion for gymnastics and continues to inspire young children through her gymnastics coaching at a local club. 

Dr Michael Ma, Registered Osteopath

B.H.Sc, B.Ap.Sc (Osteopathy), PostGradCert(Paeds) Osteopath

Dr. Michael Ma is an enthusiastic Osteopath who continually strives to improve his Osteopathic skills. He wholeheartedly believes that Osteopathic treatment and philosophy can greatly improve lives.

After completing his Osteopathic training at RMIT Melbourne, he moved to Europe to learn more about Paediatric Osteopathy. There he studied at the Bavarian Paediatric School and Clinic of Traditional Osteopathy(BPSCO) in Munich and the Osteopathic Centre for Children(OCC) in London. Whilst there, he treated premature babies, toddlers, children and expecting mothers. He finds great joy in helping families not just get well together but also helping them understand what it means to be holistically healthy.

Dr. Ma treats all ages and conditions. The range of patients he has treated includes, 3 month premature babies, 98 year olds and world class MMA fighters. He understands that each individual has their own goals and will tailor his treatment approach specifically to them. He favours the biodynamic model of treatment but will also mobilise joints on a regular basis.

When not treating, he regularly practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and reads philosophy. His top three authors are Ayn Rand, Ryan Holiday and Jordan Peterson.

Dr Cameron Kealy, Registered Osteopath


Dr Cameron Kealy is a leading Osteopath with over twenty years experience working in private practice. He believes in the power of osteopathy to transform people’s experience of health and create a whole new normal in their lives.

He has treated a huge range of patients across his nearly two decades of practice—from new born babies to 90-year olds, from AFL players and circus performers to office workers surviving the daily deskbound grind.

Dr Kealy is dedicated to deepening Osteopathic knowledge and practice through teaching and learning. He designed the curriculum for the Masters program in Indirect Technique at Victoria University, and taught the program for over 10 years.

He’s attended more than 20 professional development courses in the USA, New Zealand and Australia, and every year visits the USA for mentoring and professional development with the world-renowned Dr James Jealous, DO.  Much of this training relates to cranial and biodynamic techniques which have helped him develop a special interest in various types of headache, vertigo, post-concussion and other cranial-related symptoms (head and neck symptoms) on top of his general osteopathy practice.

Dr Kealy is a leading expert in the natural treatment and prevention of migraine, and is founder of the Migraine Solutions suite of programs and education tools.

Michael Cauce, Certified Remedial Massage Therapist & Hawaiian Bodyworker

Diploma of Remedial Massage. Certificate in Ka Huna & Lomi Lomi Massage

Many years ago, Michael was incredibly fortunate to receive an amazing Hawaiian bodywork experience unlike any massage therapy he’d had before, with a profound sense of aliveness, wholeness and reconnection to self that is almost indescribable!

He was fundamentally rejuvenated on multiple levels. It was so powerful that he felt compelled to change careers and dedicate his life to bringing more of this powerful healing work into the world… and so Lomi Life was born.

Given the obvious benefits that remedial massage therapy provides, he is particularly passionate (as are his clients, with 100+ five-star Google reviews) about his signature style – The Deep Lomi Blend – a powerful, unique combination of Hawaiian ka huna, lomi lomi and remedial/deep tissue massage therapy that has the capacity to deeply rebalance and rejuvenate – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually!

His work often complements an osteopath’s treatment, so he enjoys teaming up with Recharge’s osteos to provide that extra level of support for clients.

The most common reasons clients see Michael include:

  • muscle pain/tension relief
  • deep relaxation / de-stressing
  • uplifting mental health support
  • shifting stagnant energy
  • rejuvenating a rundown nervous system
  • grounding & reconnecting you to your heart & body wisdom
  • boosting overall vitality & resilience

To learn more and book your session online instantly, visit www.lomilife.com.au

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